Grounding wire – or grounding cable – has become more and more relevant in today’s electrical systems. With safety as a main priority, ground wire presents an added protective feature to nearly any electrical circuit. By protecting the actual electrical system, nearby residents are resultingly protected. 

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The process is fairly simple, yet highly effective. Ground wire connects a system directly to the earth. In the event of high voltage or irregular electrical currents, the grounding wire transfers electricity to the ground rather than the electrical system. 

As Performance Wire & Cable is a big believer in safety, we offer different styles and gauges of electrical ground wire.

This includes: 

  • solid copper
  • stranded copper

ground wire

Along with both large and small: 

  • insulated gauge conductors 
  • bare gauge conductors 

The ground wire can be insulated with PVC or HMWPE. Grounding wire can prevent serious hazards such as electric shock, equipment failure, potential fires and more.