Electric Pet Fence Wire

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Electric Pet Fence Wire

An electric pet fence gives pets the ability to roam freely within boundaries while giving owners peace of mind that their pets are safe and secure. It’s ideal as a dog training system and a great way to keep pets in the yard while giving them extra running room to ensure happiness and healthiness. An electric pet fence or dog fence can be a lifesaver in the training and protection of your animals. There may be many names and brands but they essentially work the same, based on the same type of electronic system.

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How Do Electric Pet Fences Work?

Electronic pet fence systems work by delivering a small, harmless electric charge to the pet through their collar that is sent when the transmitter emits a signal that travels along underground wires. It’s a great system for pet owners with yards who wish to avoid above-the-ground fences while still keeping their active animals within bounds.

The wire used in an underground electric pet fence heavily impacts how the system works. High resistance conductors (smaller gauges) have to work harder to keep your pet inbounds. A bigger gauge conductor has less resistance and therefore allows the signal to be transmitted faster and farther. Invisible electronic dog fence wire manufactured by Performance Wire and Cable is made from pure copper with HMWPE insulation. Our electric pet fence wire is high quality and long-lasting, sure to help keep your dogs and other pets safe from running off your property.

Who Can Install Electric Pet Fences?

Underground pet fence systems can either be installed professionally or by the homeowner. Professionally installed systems often use 14-gauge wire. This is primarily because the wire is about six times stronger than other sizes, resulting in fewer wire breaks and increased durability. Professional installments typically require the use of an industrial trencher, which can be harsh on the wire, so a thicker gauge is necessary.

How Do You Install Electric Pet Fences?

The process is straightforward. A machine is used to cut slits into the grassy yard where it simultaneously feeds the electronic pet fence wire within. A similar process is used for driveways, concrete patios or other tough surfaces, laying the border of wires that will make up the invisible fence. One end is then connected to the power system within the house or garage, which controls the usability of the wiring system such as on/off, signal power, and more. The receiving collars worn by the animals pick up the signal from the wire. Pets soon learn where their limits are when the system goes into effect and generally shy away in the future, allowing them to run and play with ease within the invisible barriers.

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Should A Larger Gauge Conductor Be Used For Electric Pet Fences?

Using a larger gauge conductor in the electronic pet fence system is ideal, since it has lower resistance, allowing the signal to be transmitted both faster and further. This is better for larger yards and areas that require more space for the pets to roam. 14-gauge wire uses about four times the copper and has a thicker jacket than other sizes, which is beneficial to homeowners to reduce the chance of the wire breaking for more long-lasting use. It’s also less resistance which allows for a stronger signal. The thicker gauge wire is also capable of handling moist or other damaging underground conditions so one can have peace of mind that weather need not affect the performance of the wiring. 14-gauge electronic pet fence wire from Performance Wire and Cable is made using pure copper with HMWPE insulation to ensure high quality and longevity. We have years of experience as a supplier and are here to answer any questions you might have about electronic underground wiring.

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