Performance Wire and Cable is proud to serve the wire and cable industry with high grade, quality products. We serve a variety of industries and can supply custom products to meet your needs.

Popular Wire and Cable Industries We Serve Include:



Corrosion Protection Cables

Corrosion is a very real and very serious issue when talking about underground (and above ground) systems. We know, understand and have the products that are perfect for protecting metal materials from nature’s damages and earth’s electrical charge.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

HDD Cable and Wire

When a major roadway or building is blocking the chance to trench and lay down pipe work or extract natural gas or oil, HDD is the efficient alternative.



Photovoltaic Wires from Performance Wire and Cable

The clean/green energy movement is growing at an exponential rate year after year. We are ahead of the game with high-quality wiring solutions for these often complex solar or renewable energy systems.


Utility Wire and Cable from Performance

Tracer wire becomes very important when a sewer, gas or oil line and other underground utilities need to be managed. One of our primary products, our quality copper tracer wire will best serve your wiring circuits and outdoor applications. 


While these industries all play a different, distinct role, they often work together, coexisting or crossing paths. We’re familiar with these industries and know the best wiring, cable and insulation solutions to keep your systems operating productively. From our superior HALAR/HMWPE and KYLAR cables to our tracer wire or invisible pet fence wire, we’re here to serve you with your specific wiring needs. Need help? Contact us today