Photovoltaic Applications


Performance Wire and Cable provides Photovoltaic industries with cablePhotovoltaic applications capture electricity from light. Photovoltaic (PV) systems, also known as solar power systems or social arrays, are designed to supply usable solar power. These solar power systems, which are equipped with PV wire, harness the power of the sun through panels or mirrors that concentrate solar radiation to generate electricity or to be stored in batteries for later use.

The photovoltaic effect refers to photons of light knocking electrons into a higher state of energy to conduct electricity. Possibly observed as early as 1839 by Alexandre Edmund Becquerel, the PV effect was the subject of scientific inquiry through the early twentieth century. While we’ve been studying the power of the sun for centuries, it’s only now that we’re really seeing what all solar power can actually do—and the impact photovoltaic wire can have.

The Benefit of Photovoltaic Systems

We receive so much energy from the sun—and almost all of it goes unused. Not only does the sun illuminate our world and encourage plants to grow, but within a single hour and a half, the amount of solar energy that reaches the surface of the earth is enough to manage the entire globe’s energy consumption for an entire year.

According to, solar power has a distinct advantage over conventional forms of energy when it comes to protecting the planet. It reduces the amount of carbon that’s emitted into the air, which means less pollution, safer air, and cleaner waterways.

Through the use of PV wire and solar panels, we can harness some of this energy to power our systems without the use of traditional fuels that create harmful emissions. Perhaps this is why the solar energy market has grown 30 times over since 2010.

Buying into Photovoltaic Systems

The trend of buying into solar power and photovoltaic wire is growing nationally and internationally–for industrial, commercial, and even residential properties. Many refer to PV wire systems as a cleaner and less expensive source of electricity and a growing number of American businesses and homeowners are investing in it. 

Why are so many buying into PV systems? 

One main reason that PV systems are taking off (and photovoltaic wire is rising in popularity) is that a solar rooftop system can recoup its manufacturing and installation energy within 0.7 to 2 years. This amounts to 95% of net clean renewable energy over a 30-year timeframe. 

Additionally, these photovoltaic systems run silently and cleanly–meaning no environmental emissions–without any moving parts. The rapidly falling cost of PV wire and materials makes solar power more affordable than ever. This is due in large part to improved technology and higher quality materials like the photovoltaic wire available at Performance Wire & Cable. With the prices of these solar wire systems decreasing—and an increased interest in climate-friendly energy solutions—these solar-powered systems are growing in popularity.

Another reason? Stellar financial incentives. A new 30% solar tax credit makes installing solar energy systems more enticing than ever. Residential solar power was already on the rise before this legislation was passed in 2022. In fact, solar power installations rose by 34% between 2020 and 2021, and in the second quarter of 2022, the residential solar sector reached five consecutive quarters of record growth. With this new tax credit, the need for PV wire and solar power installations will only continue to grow.

Installing Photovoltaic Wire Systems

Solar cables must be designed to be resistant to all environmental factors. Photovoltaic wires can be used in both grounded and ungrounded systems due to their tolerance to high-temperature fluctuations and resistance to UV radiation and moisture.

Performance Wire and Cable offers superior quality RHW and USE-2 wires that are sunlight resistant, approved for direct burial, and good for high-temperature applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is solar energy safe?

Of course! Solar panels—and the materials used to make them like PV wire—all have to meet international testing standards and must be installed by trained and qualified installers to meet local building, fire, and electrical codes. Moreover, each solar energy system goes through in-depth inspections after installation. 

Are most homes suitable for solar energy panels?

Many are. Solar panels and photovoltaic wire are carefully engineered to work in all climates. Not all residential roofs are the perfect fit for solar panels (for example, if a roof is too old, too small, or too sloped, or there is too much shade from a nearby tree canopy), so rooftop panels may not always be the best option. In most cases, south-facing roofs with a slope between 15 and 40 degrees perform best, but there are exceptions to every rule, and community solar energy systems may be a better fit for some situations.

Where can Photovoltaic (PV) Wire be used?

PV wire can be used for both grounded and ungrounded solar installations, to connect solar panels and photovoltaic arrays, and in solar power grids. Additionally, they can be used for underground entrances and service terminal connections. 

What kind of Photovoltaic (PV) Wire is available?

Performance Wire & Cable is proud to supply high-quality RHW and USE-2 wires. These PV wires are sunlight resistant, inspected and approved for direct burial, and are even good for high-temperature applications.

Does extreme cold or heat compromise PV Wire?

No. Wiring used in photovoltaic and solar array installations is UV-rated. They aren’t affected much by the weather at all. While on its own some general wire becomes brittle in cold temperatures, PV wire comes covered in metal or UV-resistant plastic conduit to protect it from extreme temperatures.

Can I bury Photovoltaic (PV) Wire?

Yes. Both PV wire and USE-2 wire can be buried directly, on their own, without any additional protection.

What makes PV Wire different from other kinds of wire?

Solar or PV wire has been designed especially for the interconnections of PV-powered energy systems. They are engineered to be flexible, are very resistant to moisture, sun, and flame, and can withstand high temperatures. PV wire is also made to last the entire lifespan of a solar panel, as much as 30 years. 

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