Wire and Cable Products and Services

Performance Wire and Cable is a wire and underground cable manufacturer offering superior Made in America products that are specific to your needs. More importantly, we provide the support services you need to have a great purchase experience and a higher-quality end product.

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Our wire and cable products and services encompass a wide range of offerings for various industries. Some of the top industries that utilize our products and services include:

Performance Wire and Cable works to provide more than just cables and wire products for our customers. Instead, we want to build long-lasting business partnerships that help provide our customers with the latest innovative solutions. As a leader in the wire and cable industry, we strive to provide the best value-added services to our diverse clientele. Whether you’re looking for a cable manufacturer that offers high-quality customized cables, expert advice, or the most dependable lead times, we’re here for you.

Specifically, look to the following for more information about what we have to offer:

Additionally, we are experienced in the art of cable and wire manufacturing, logging decades of experience among our skilled staff. We guarantee quick shipping, dependable lead times, and no minimum order. See below for more perks of working with Performance Wire and Cable.

Quality Wire and Cable Engineering

  • Rigorous testing for extreme conditions
  • Samples to “try before you buy” 
  • Program management

Wire and Cable Packaging

  • Respooling
  • Special packaging, lengths, width
  • Custom reel sizes
  • Packaging for custom orders
Wire and cable
Disclaimer: all safety guards were removed for the purpose of the video

Wire and Cable Identification

  • Color coding, striping
  • Letter codes/numbers
  • Sequential footage markers
  • Variety of custom colors
  • Custom printing

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