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Ground Wire


Ground wire – or ground cable – has become more and more relevant in today’s electrical safety systems. With safety as the main priority, ground cable presents an added protective feature to nearly any electrical circuit. By protecting the actual electrical system, nearby residents are resultantly protected. 

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How Does Ground Wire Work?

The process is fairly simple, yet highly effective. Ground wire connects a system directly to the earth. When high voltage or irregular electrical currents occur, the grounding wire transfers electricity to the ground rather than the electrical system. This is a safe transfer of energy that causes no harm to the environment.

Connection to the ground has several benefits. It decreases the build-up of static electricity in the system which is potentially dangerous. It prevents shock hazards due to exposure to conductive parts. Finally, it breaks the power supply if there is a fault. 

Why Do I Need Ground Wire?

Whether your appliances or other electric machines are running, there is always a constant flow of electricity. There is always a chance of an electrical short, or an electrical malfunction of sorts. 

Ground cable provides that extra electricity a safe place to deposit – in the ground – rather than releasing it through the appliance. This keeps you and your appliances safe, almost completely removing the possibility of electrical shock and dangerous aftereffects.

What Are The Types of Ground Wire?

Performance Wire & Cable recommends properly grounded wire for best electrical safety practices. There are solid and stranded wire and a variety of gauges. 

This includes:

  • solid copper wire
  • stranded copper wire
  • insulated gauge conductors
  • bare gauge conductors

The ground wire can be insulated with PVC or HMWPE. Grounding wire can prevent serious hazards such as electric shock, equipment failure, potential fires, and more.

Where is ground wire used?

Ground wire is used in almost every instance where electrical systems are present.  This includes all buildings: homes, businesses, medical institutions such as hospitals or patient care facilities, sports stadiums, shopping malls, and airports to name a few.  Ground wire is also used at construction sites and in connection with large building equipment that supplies power such as generators.  

Ground wire and cable are important for electrical safety. Whether you need solid or stranded wire for your next job, we can provide you with the right wire and cable in the appropriate gauge. Contact us today for pricing.

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