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Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel HDD Wire: The Facts

Stainless Steel Tracer Wire is a single conductor wire that has been specifically developed for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications. Its name, single steel HDD wire, also signifies the specification of the wire, as it describes a stranded stainless steel conductor with a high density-high molecular weight (HD-HMWPE or HDPE) insulation. 

The stainless steel conductor fits many applications, and it boasts impressive tensile strength. Moreover, the HDPE insulation surrounding the wire provides excellent abrasion, crush, chemical, oil, and moisture resistance.


Material: 49 strands of 304 Stainless Steel Alloy

Insulating Jacket: 45 mil wall of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMW-HDPE)

Rating: 30 Volts maximum



Stainless Steel HDD Wire is used for locating natural gas pipes. It is also used for direct burial and horizontal directional drilling purposes. Additionally, stainless steel HDD wire is also used for:

  • Cranes
  • Dredging
  • Excavating
  • Logging
  • As a locating wire in natural gas polyethylene (PE) pipes


Stainless Steel Wire offers resistance to:

  • Abrasions
  • Crushing
  • Chemicals
  • Moisture


70 degrees Celsius





  • 500 ft
  • 1000 ft
  • 2500 ft
  • Custom lengths available upon request
  • Custom print legends are available upon request as identified by surface printing indicating manufacturer, conductor size, and insulation type.

Stainless steel cable and stainless steel wire are made from a stainless steel conductor with a high molecular weight and high-density polyethylene (HMWPE/HDPE) insulator. Strong, long-lasting, and resistant, they boast numerous benefits compared to their counterparts.

Stainless Steel HDD Wire Applications

The main application of stainless steel wire involves locating natural gas polyethylene (PE) pipe. Intended for direct burial use for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) purposes, stainless steel wire conductor has a voltage rating of 30 volts. It’s available in 500 ft, 1000 ft, and 2500 ft spools—and Performance Wire & Cable also makes custom lengths by request. The high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene (HMW-HDPE) insulated coating makes the wire extremely resistant to crushing, abrasion, chemicals, and moisture, which is why it is so well-suited for a multitude of situations.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Wire and Cable?

Stainless steel is used in an assortment of applications—both industrial and commercial—thanks in large part to its favorable traits. It possesses a multitude of strong qualities that make it a popular choice for an array of uses.

For starters? Stainless steel doesn’t rust and is highly resistant to any kind of corrosion. This makes all the difference when selecting wire or cable for outdoor or underground systems where it may come in constant contact with moisture, dirt, and chemicals. In wet and dry conditions, stainless steel wire and cable remain untarnished, long-lasting, and durable.

About Horizontal Directional Drilling

The main purpose for stainless steel wire and cable is right in the name: HDD or horizontal directional drilling. This is a particular method of drilling used to install underground pipelines, wire, cable, and various service conduits. HDD is a trenchless method used for installing these pipes, wires, and cables that makes use of a directional drilling machine to create the path for these materials. 

Horizontal directional drilling is a multi-step process. First, skilled technicians use a pilot drill to thread a hollow pipe through the ground. Next, drilling fluid is pumped through this hollow pipe to prevent it from collapsing under the weight of the surface. A clearing device cleans this pipe, and drilling fluid is applied through the hollow pipe to prevent the drill hole from collapsing. These steps may be performed several times depending on the desired diameter of the production pipe. Finally, the permanent production pipe is drawn through the pilot pipe. When this final step is complete, engineers clear the pipe of drilling fluid.

This method of inserting pipe, wire, or cable is beneficial for many reasons, mainly because there’s no need to dig a trench. Horizontal directional drillings don’t impact the environment above ground much at all. What’s more, these horizontal directional drillings can be performed under existing structures and conditions, including:

  • Buildings and other infrastructure
  • Watercourses
  • Dikes and bridges
  • Any other obstacles that may make it impossible to dig a trench

So how do stainless steel wire and cable come into play in this process? To successfully complete this task, engineers must rely on tracer wire systems, which are used in the final stage of the process to allow locators to send strong signals from below ground regarding the driller’s whereabouts. This is why having reliable, long-lasting stainless steel wire and cable on hand is so important.

What Sets Stainless Steel Cable and Wire Apart from Other Materials?

One of the reasons so many choose stainless steel HDD wire and cables is that they are 10.5% chromium. This is what gives the wire and cable its anti-corrosive outer layer. The chromium creates a thin layer of oxide that actively prevents corrosion. As a steel alloy, stainless steel HDD wire has a long lifespan, which is why it’s perfect for many uses. 

Stainless steel HDD wire and cable also boast good tensile strength. Both are also non-flammable and incredibly durable. In many cases, stainless steel HDD wire is chosen because it offers excellent dielectric properties, including:

  • A low coefficient of friction
  • Chemical inertness
  • Toughness and flexibility
  • Heat resistance
  • Weather resistance
ConductorInsulationFinished Product
AWG EquivalentStainless Steel Size (in.)StrDiameter (in.)HDPE (in.)Diameter (in.)Lbs/MftBreak Strength (Lbs)Standard Put-up (ft.)Ship Package (ft.)
#12 / #103/32490.0940.0450.184249205002000

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