Going Green – More Than Just The Wire Color!

Kelly Benjamin
March 6, 2022

Wire is used almost everywhere in the world and can impact the global movement to protect the environment. 

As with other global industries, the cable and wire industry has begun the process of going green. Green practices throughout the entire supply chain of this industry can lead to practical, positive results for the environment.

How are companies like Performance Wire and Cable applying a green mentality? They are doing this when the selection of materials used for cabling and within cable installation practices are chosen.

Manufacturing and Materials

Let’s face it: every supply chain and manufacturing process can improve its effect on the environment. The electrical wire and cable industries are no different. This includes: 

  • reducing the usage of natural resources
  • responsible recycling
  • reducing waste throughout every step of the manufacturing process

There are various certifications, grants, and other incentives for a company to become a green business.

There’s a big push towards halogen-free wires and cables, and with good reason. When burned, cables that contain halogens release hazardous material into the air. On the other hand, these cables withstand the elements – crucial for any cable or wire – much better than others. 

While they may not be better for the environment, PVC cables boast longer lifespans than halogen-free cables. This results in less maintenance, a process harmful to the environment in and of itself.


Good business practices show current and potential customers what kind of business you are. This could include philanthropy, community service, and employee empowerment. Partnerships also indicate a business’ reputation. Working with green companies and industries shows that your business cares about the environment.

Automobile Industry

It’s no secret that the automotive industry is gearing (no pun intended) towards a greener future. We’ve all seen the frequent rises and falls of natural gas prices and how they affect the global economy. The introduction of hybrid and smart cars saw the industry evolve – along with new fuel efficiency and emission regulations. 

Automobiles must find any way to be as efficient as possible; the wires and cables found in them are no exceptions.


Wire and cabling are crucial components of many of the appliances we use every day.  The go-green movement affects microwaves, HVAC (air conditioning and heating), washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, and more.  Green cables are the way to go! 

As the need for green appliances increases, so does the need for the wires within them.  


Perhaps the earth’s greatest natural resource is one we’ve taken little advantage of: the sun. We’re huge advocates of photovoltaic applications here at Performance Wire & Cable because we see what the future holds for this industry. Solar-electric power takes in the sun’s rays and converts them directly into electricity. 

Wire and cables play an important part in the transfer of this electricity. They must be specially designed to withstand the elements while still being powerful enough to accomplish the task.

The Future of the Environmentally Friendly Wire Industry

It has become evident in the past 20 years or so that the green movement is here to stay. The wiring and cabling industry’s products play a role in the green future. Right now, it’s the only sensible way to do business. We’re excited to not only preserve our great company but also help conserve the environment!