How To Buy Cathodic Protection Cable

Kelly Benjamin
September 25, 2020

Whether you’re starting your first project or your 500th, purchasing materials can be a difficult process. But it doesn’t have to be.

Performance Wire and Cable understands that there are other suppliers of cathodic protection cable. We also understand that engineers, project managers, site purchasing agents, and other positions must do their research before buying anything. Rather than go back and forth with quotes, emails, and phone calls, we really wish everyone made it as simple as Performance does!

Before ordering cathodic protection cable, you should answer these questions:

What type of cathodic protection cable do I need?

In order to answer this question, you may need to ask yourself: “Why do I need cathodic protection cable?” Unlike other suppliers, Performance Wire and Cable offers different types of cathodic protection cable.

The most common type of cathodic protection cable is HMWPE. That stands for high molecular weight polyethylene. This wire insulation protects stranded conductors from abrasion, crushing, pressure, and more. Our HMWPE is rated at 600 Volts, and comes in sizes 14 – 1/0 AWG.

HALAR cathodic protection cable is ideal for environments susceptible to hydrogen and chlorine gases. It provides an extra layer of insulation (HALAR) to the HMWPE when the normal cable isn’t enough.

KYNAR is a third type of CP cable offered by Performance Wire and Cable. This fluoropolymer insulation is extremely resistant to acids like chlorine, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and more.

When do I need my cathodic protection cable?

Unlike other manufacturers and suppliers, Performance Wire understands you need your product – and you need it fast. Our lead times are second to none in the industry. We treat every customer, no matter the order size, fairly.

Our customer service team ensures a quick order process and fast delivery time.

How much cathodic protection cable do I need?

Whether your project calls for 100,000 feet or 500 feet, Performance Wire has the inventory to satisfy your needs. We even offer a Small Volume Inventory for orders less than 500 feet. Just another way Performance goes above and beyond compared to national suppliers.

Performance Wire and Cable is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cathodic protection cable. We work with all sorts of companies on various projects – big and small, domestic, and international. Our goal is to not only provide the highest quality products possible but to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. That’s why so many of our customers continue to come back to us.

Contact our team today to see just how easy it is to do business with Performance Wire and Cable.