Is Performance Wire and Cable Right For Your Project?

Kelly Benjamin
April 27, 2018

Whether you’re doing a small project in your backyard in Florida or you’re a multi-million dollar company in Nevada, the answer is yes: Performance Wire and Cable is right for you.

How can a wire and cable supplier from small town Camden, NY service companies big and small, near and far? Aside from high-quality products (which you’ll read about soon), we pride ourselves on extraordinary customer service and attention to detail. Our ability to custom produce any quantity of cable, with no minimum order size, is part of what separates us from the competition. Most of our orders ship within a week to ensure you’re able to complete the project as efficiently – and safely – as possible.

We receive quotes daily and, in order to keep our customers happy, respond quickly. Our team boasts years of experience in the wire and cable industry and is extremely familiar with the manufacturing, packaging and shipping aspects of the industry.


Quality, quality, quality…We can’t emphasize this enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing our electric pet fence wire for your backyard, ground wire for an electric application, or stainless steel wire for your horizontal directional drilling project – when you buy from Performance, you know you’ll get a long-lasting, high-quality product.

Have questions about  UL, NEMA, ASTM or IEEE regulations? Feel free to ask us! Our quality assurance department ensures we meet all guidelines in order for our products to be top-notch for your next wire and cabling project.

Explore all of the products we offer, including cathodic protection cables, cross-linked polyethylene cables (XLPE), tracer wire, ground wire and more!

Industries Served

Okay, so you know about the products we offer – but how do you know they’re right for you and your industry? Four common industries we service include anything dealing with wire and cable corrosion, horizontal directional drilling, photovoltaic and various utility applications. Not sure if your project falls under any of these fields? Chances are, it actually does. Contact our team today and we’ll help you out!


We take care of our customers past the sale and delivery. Staying safe is our number one priority, especially due to the nature of projects and applications our products are used in. Check out these safety tips we put together. They cover pre-project guidelines, some safety tools you may find useful, testing regulations and more!