Performance Wire & Cable – Found Across the World

Kelly Benjamin
May 23, 2019

Performance Wire & Cable is proud to be a Made in the USA manufacturer and distributor. No, we don’t produce television cables you see everywhere or the wires made for your headphones. But, you’d be surprised to learn everything we do manufacture and the different types of industries that rely on our wire and cable.

Underground WireTracer Wire in multiple colors manufactured by Performance Wire and Cable in the USA

Reason number one why many people don’t understand what we do? They can’t see our product! Much of what we do is manufacture underground electrical wire, including underground tracer wire. This wire, also known as locator wire, is used to locate gas lines, water pipes and more. Our partners in the plumbing, oil, and sewer industries respectively rely on our underground wires.

Photovoltaic Wire

Going green is big in every industry, and the wire and cable industry isn’t any different. We’re proud to produce wire that is resistant to sunlight and extremely high temperatures. Companies who install photovoltaic products use our cables to transfer electricity using solar power. Our solar cables are perfect for both residential and commercial photovoltaic installations.

Chemical Resistant Kynar Cable from Performance Wire and Cable Made In America

Commercial Cabling

Speaking of commercial wire and cable needs, Performance specializes in it. We work with many contractors, engineers, site managers and more to ensure safety at their buildings. Our partners love our cathodic protection cables due to their superior chemical resistance, as well as resistance to abrasion, crushing, water and more. Need wire that won’t fall victim to corrosion? We’re your best bet!

Residential Wire & Cable

Performance Wire & Cable also manufactures products for residential use. Some of these options include our electric pet fence wire to keep your animals safe, ground wire for small and large appliances alike, and more.

We partner with plumbing and HVAC contractors, the people who come into your home for installations, replacements and repairs. They trust our wires due to their safety and efficiency, keeping you safe while getting the most value.

Although located in Central New York State, did you know that we ship internationally? That’s right! Our wire and cable can be found across the world – you just have to know where to look!