Tools You’ll Need When Working with Wire and Cable

Kelly Benjamin
October 23, 2015

Top Wire and Cable Tools

Wire and cable installation and handling regularly involve a variety of tools. The wire or cable is just a small piece of the puzzle! The tools and equipment you’ll need for projects, such as tracer wire installation, will greatly depend on the type of wire or cable you’re working with, as well as the project itself.

Wire and cable installation tools vary from small to large equipment. Some popular tools include:

  • Cable poles
  • Connectors
  • Crimping and pulling tools
  • Electrical or wire tape
  • Heat and staple guns
  • Labels
  • Polishing discs
  • Welders
  • Wire brush
  • Wire cutters or strippers
  • Wire feeders

Bigger projects, or industrial or underwater work, require larger-scale equipment. For example, pet fence wire can usually be mounted or buried and either method has its own perks. However, the burying method is more popular, as it offers better protection and is more visually pleasing. Installation typically involves using a trencher to dig a trench, laying the wire inside, and burying the wire. And it can be done all at once! Wire trencher machines are the top choice for professionals largely because they can actually cut pet fence wire installation time in half. The process is fast and efficient.

Directional boring, also known as horizontal directional drilling (or HDD), is a technique that is commonly used to install underground conduits, wiring, and cable systems, as well as pipelines. They are installed in shallow arcs along a designated path resulting in a nominal impact on the area surrounding it. The directional drilling technique is ideal when trenching or excavating soil is impractical.

Aside from the tools and equipment mentioned above, you should always be sure that safety is a priority at all times. Remember to always wear ear and eye protection, particularly if the tools and equipment can produce flying debris and/or loud noises. Consider gloves and proper headgear as well, depending on the environment.