Underground Tracer Wire Applications

Kelly Benjamin
November 30, 2019

Tracer wire boasts qualities and advantages that make it extremely versatile. Thus, it can be used in many different ways, including:

  • Wiring circuits
  • Appliances
  • Machine tools
  • HVAC (air conditioning) units
  • Much more

Tracer wire, thanks to its extreme resistance to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, heat, moisture and more, is perfect for underground use. Hence the term “underground tracer wire.”

So, exactly what purpose does underground tracer wire serve? A simple Google search tells us that one meaning for the word “trace” is to find something or to discover. When it comes to tracer wire, that specifically refers to underground. In short, tracer wire is used to locate potential hazards underground before digging. Those hazards can include gas and oil lines, sewage pipes, water pipes, telecom wires and more.

Gas Line Tracer Wire

It’s no secret that we don’t want people digging into gas and oil lines. The amount of money to be lost, not to mention potential serious injuries, is insurmountable. That’s why when gas lines and pipes are laid, tracer wire accompanies them. This way, using a wire tracer, those digging can easily locate where these lines are placed underground.

Sewer Line Tracer Wire

While sewer lines don’t pose the same injury threats or monetary issues as gas pipes, do you want to protrude into a sewage pipe? We didn’t think so. Sewage lines are more important than one would think. They transport waste and more from homes and businesses alike. An accident can cause issues that nobody wants to deal with. That’s why tracer wire is laid underground with sewer lines.

Water Pipe Tracer Wire

Imagine going a day, or two days, or a week without water. That’s what could happen if something were to happen to your water pipes and lines. Luckily, tracer wire is used for this application as well. Since water pipes are found both underground and within buildings and homes, tracer wire must be versatile and resistant to nearly everything.

Telecommunications Tracer Wire

While the adults may be complaining about no sewage or water, the children will be complaining about no WiFi or television if an accident were to occur to the telecom wires and lines. Telecom companies bury their cables underground and run them directly into homes and buildings. If it weren’t for tracer wire, people would not have a clue as to where these lines are located.

No matter the project; whether it’s constructing a commercial plaza, building a home, or municipal work for a state government, underground tracer wire is essential to locate any potential hazards prior to digging. Its locating ability also serves a purpose when it comes to repairs and service. Engineers, contractors, and whoever else can easily detect where a pipe or line is located to address any issues.