We’re Proud to be Made in the USA

Kelly Benjamin
November 24, 2020

Proud to be Made in the USA

Wire and Cable

Performance Wire and Cable is proud to be an American wire and cable manufacturing company located in Camden, NY. We take pride in our innovative and quality wire and cable products. As a leading American wire and cable company, we produce a wide variety of insulated copper and steel wire products, using the most advanced processing technology available.

Performance Wire and Cable is located and produces wire and cable product lines right here in America. For years, we have put our efforts into American manufacturing while supporting our domestic job market. We feel that in keeping our work and production here within our borders, we are assisting in the national effort to bring back and retain jobs in America, especially those related to manufacturing and labor.

Based on our practices, we’ve been able to attain the reputation of Made in the USA certification and use their stamp in our marketing efforts. The seal is a benchmark that speaks volumes about our work and business. The Made In America stamp gives you, our customers, assurance that we are in line with standards for American-made production.

The Made in the USA certification mark is the only registered (yet not mandatory) branding symbol for goods in the U.S. It helps our customers easily identify and understand that our production stimulates the U.S. and supports jobs right here at home. The Made in the USA certification is consistent across all brands and signifies consistent, reliable, homegrown products. We met a number of criteria to add the symbol to our company’s name and we wave it proudly.

Each time you purchase a Performance Wire and Cable product, you can rest assured that you are supporting your fellow Americans here in New York State and in the U.S.

We are very proud to boast the Made in the USA certification!