What is Ground Wire Used For?

Kelly Benjamin
July 14, 2021

You’re not alone if you have asked this same question. When it comes to wire and cable safety, you can never take too much precaution. That’s why grounding wire is so common in many household appliances. Read our list below of appliances that residents should ground in order to prevent potential electric shock. If you don’t see the item you’re looking for, contact us directly.

Is Ground Wire Used For Refrigerators and Freezers?

Fridges are required to be grounded due to the hazardous nature they present. If you think about it, a lot of newer models are stainless steel. While they make look sleek and sharp, they also present an electric shock possibility. Add in the fact that some fridges dispense water directly, the dangers are imminent. Many homeowners run into problems when they redecorate or organize their kitchens on their own. Moving a fridge to another outlet isn’t that simple; it must be connected to a grounding outlet. Keep that in mind during your next D-I-Y renovation.

Many people have additional fridges and freezers in their basements or garages. These locations can lead to electrical shock due to their damp environments. A grounding system is necessary any time an appliance or plugged-in electronic faces outside elements of nature.

Can Only Professionals Install Ground Wire For HVAC? 

It really is amazing how many people become “HVAC experts” when it comes to installing a residential air conditioning system.

“Don’t call a contractor, just do it yourself.”

Unless you are an expert with not only the system but grounding cable and wire as well, we suggest not doing it yourself. These appliances require an earth connection to reduce the possibility of electrical shock. Part failure can leave you with a lot more problems (shock, burns, even death) than just a warm house.

Does Ground Wire Eliminate The Risk Of Shock For Washers and Dryers?

Like refrigerators and freezers, it is not uncommon to find washers and dryers in damp locations like a basement or garage. The shock dangers are imminent as washing machines use water; as everyone knows, water and electricity usually don’t play so nice. Ground wire is necessary to eliminate the risk of potential shock or fire. Many homeowners, as washing machines and dryers tend to be expensive, use their appliances for as long as possible. The older the machine, the greater risk for electrical failure. Be sure to check out your grounding cable system if your washer or dryer are on the older side.

Can You Relocate A Dishwasher?

Yes, you can relocate your dishwasher washer, but if you have to move it’s hook-ups, the project becomes more complicated. As with a washing machine, this appliance also uses water to perform its main function. And, just like fridges and freezers, many homeowners tend to renovate their kitchens and end up moving their dishwasher to another spot. Ensuring a grounding system is set up can be the difference between an electrical emergency or accident.

How Can I Protect My Home When Lightening Hits My Satellite Dish?

Satellite dishes are essentially antennas placed on the outside of homes. That means it is exposed to elements like rain, snow, winds, and LIGHTNING. If you didn’t notice, the last one there is kind of important when it comes to electric hazards. While grounding wire will not bring your satellite dish back to life, it can help prevent any more potential damage to your home. Plus, the large majority of residential areas require grounding for satellite dishes for insurance purposes.