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Wire and Cable: Custom or Stock

Performance Wire and Cable is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wire and cable:

Our cable and wire products are made using the highest quality materials and are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Electrical Wire

  • Customizable – choose composition, size, insulation type, color, and labeling
  • Stock – a variety of wires to choose from, already in stock
  • Type – choose a wire for your needs; electrical, tracer, grounding, or pet-fence
  • Lead Time – in stock or quick turn-around of custom wire

Three spools of tracer wire

Tracer Wire

Tracer wire from Performance Wire and Cable is ideal for a variety of general-purpose applications:

  • machine tools
  • circuits
  • internal appliance wiring

Tracer wire is also available for use in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Our underground tracer wire is ideal for projects that require locating underground lines and pipes.

Tracer wire insulation is made up of a high molecular weight high-density polyethylene, making the wire very robust and resistant to crushing, abrasions, chemicals, oil, and moisture.

Gif of Yellow Wire Spool

Disclaimer: All Safety Guards were Removed for the Purpose of this Video

Grounding Wire

Performance Wire and Cable offers different styles and gauges of electrical wiring for grounding projects and applications in the following configurations.

  • solid or stranded copper grounding wire
  • large or small gauge
  • bare, with polyvinyl compound (PVC) or with HMWPE insulation

Pet Fence Wire 

Performance Wire and Cable offers high-quality pet fence wire with the following characteristics:

  • large gauge
  • pure copper composition
  • HMWPE insulation

The pet wire offers less resistance, transmitting signals faster and further within the fencing system.

Performance Wire and Cable is a trusted supplier of wire and cable for just about every project or application. We can customize your wire or cable orders to best meet your specifications with our array of different sizes, colors, lengths, and labeling.

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