KYNAR Wire – Another Type of Cathodic Protection

Kelly Benjamin
March 6, 2018

Tell me what you see here. To many, this picture simply represents a wire or cable. However, here at Performance Wire and Cable, we view things a little differently as top wire and cable manufacturers.

We see the vast possibilities where this cable can be used. Is that due to copper conductor wire – the part of a cable that carries out the physical job of transporting electricity? Or is due to the HMWPE – the outer jacket of wire insulation that gives the cable flexibility and durability? Or is it that tiny sliver of KYNAR cathodic protection – a cable insulator that provides benefits the HMPWE cannot?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

The key takeaway to remember when it comes to wire and cable applications is that all parts of a cable work together to perform the same task. KYNAR cathodic protection is often forgot about because it’s stuck in the middle of the actual cable and the outer wire insulation. Like a birthday cake, the middle layer is just as important as the top and bottom layers!

Without KYNAR, you wouldn’t be able to place wires in environments that are susceptible to:

  • Extreme chemicals
  • Harmful acids
  • High temperatures
  • Smoke and other gasses

What is KYNAR?

KYNAR cathodic protection is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer. As described above, it is often used as an interior cathodic protection method for wires and cables. This added level of cathodic protection, when combined with an HMWPE insulation, gives your wires and cables great resistance to harmful chemicals, acidic environments, extreme temperatures, dangerous gasses and more.

That’s why KYNAR wire is often used in the medical field, where harmful chemicals are present. KYNAR can also be found in locations that have high concentrations of chlorine, hydrogen and more. It’sĀ ideal for the defense, military, and other industries that can lead to smoke and high temperatures due to its invulnerability to those factors.

Not only is KYNAR resistant to many environmental factors, the cathodic protection boasts great flexibility, strength, and durability. What good would a cable be if it could fight off chemicals, yet succumbed to corrosion or malfunction due to constant pressure? Wiring and cabling applications are not cheap – it’s important to choose an option that provides a long lifespan while maintaining incredible performance. That’s exactly what KYNAR cable does.

KYNAR possesses great versatility, yet isn’t always recognized as a top leader in cathodic protection. To compare it to a common sports analogy, KYNAR is like your “glue guy.” He’s behind the scenes and isn’t the flashiest, but you wouldn’t be holding up that championship trophy without him.

Finding the right combination of cathodic protection and cable insulation can be problematic for anyone. Please contact Performance Wire and Cable if you need any assistance in choosing the correct wire for your next project.