KYNAR Wire for the Win

Kelly Benjamin
November 17, 2015

KYNAR Wire and KYNAR Cable

The thermoplastic fluoropolymer polyvinylidene fluoride, or PVDF, is often used as insulation in electrical wires due to its lightweight nature, flexibility and low thermal conductivity. KYNAR PVDF insulated cable is a top choice in the building and construction industry, particularly for its resistive properties.

Polyvinylidenfluorid formula

KYNAR wire is especially resistant to fire, chemicals, and gases, making it ideal for applications where safety is crucial and flame and heat resistance is needed. The fluoropolymer jacketing material used for cable applications is flexible and lightweight, and it adds resistance to destructive chemical, corrosive, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and thermal environments. 

KYNAR Wire Applications

From Kynar, some applications that where Kynar resin can be applied include:

  • Cross-linked mil spec wire
  • Fiber optic cable jackets, tubes and buffers
  • Spacers in data communications cables
  • Shipboard and transit wire
  • POTS, coax and power limited cables
  • Flexible raceways, inner duct and conduit
  • Primary, hook-up and back-panel wire

Wire and cable companies highly recommend KYNAR wire for many applications, as it has an exceptional general chemical resistance and also has been proven as an excellent barrier to hot water, chlorine, bromine, hydrocarbons, and other chemicals attacks. In addition to its resistance to these harsh chemicals, KYNAR resin is extremely resistant to UV sun rays and even nuclear radiation. Some settings include:

  • Automotive wiring
  • Building and construction
  • Communication systems

  • Production line work
  • Underground and water environments

Cables using highly-filled, non-fluoropolymers as jacketing compounds are typically mechanically weak and provide little to no resistance to cut-through any abrasion. Strength and resistance properties are imperative to preserve the veracity of the cables’ insulation in order to withstand abuse during installation.

Kynar wire and cable

Exceptional smoke and flame resistant properties of KYNAR PVDF are attained naturally through its distinctive chemical structure. KYNAR resin in its virgin form does not burn easily and will even self-extinguish when the source of the flame is eliminated. Its performance can be improved further by modifying the polymer, providing a higher degree of fire protection.

Do you need strong and resistant insulated cable for your project? Performance Wire and Cable offers KYNAR/HMWPE cables in conductor sizes 8 AWG through 1/0 AWG with a dual insulation construction. It comes in all types of colors and lengths from 100 to 1000 ft rolls. We can help you find the wire you need.